"I contracted Nikki to edit a first draft of my novel before I had even completed it. Nikki provided excellent insight and feedback to help me keep the novel flowing. I was particularly grateful for her feedback on some edits to my dialogue which has improved my overall writing skills beyond this first novel. I also found her coaching style to be very encouraging which was important to me in my first attempt at writing a novel. Now I am writing a sequel!" 

               -Elizabeth Fenton

                 author, The Edge of the Water

When I decided to publish my book "Successful Education: How to Educate Creative Engineers," I had a big problem in finding an editor who would be willing to work with me. My expectations were very high. I wanted an outstanding product, I wanted the editing to be done in a week, and the book was more a "knowledge soup" than a "knowledge system." I am very happy to report that choosing Nikki as the editor of my book was the best decision I had made in years. She exceded all my expectations. First, she developed a deep understanding of my ideas and was able to recommend a fundamental restructuring of the book. Even more, her simple but poetic English made the book easy to read and very clear in its message. Our cooperation was truly enjoyable for me. " 

     -Tomasz Arciszewski PhD

      Profesor Emeritus, Department                     of Engineering, George Mason Univ. 

      & author of Successful Education: How         to Educate Creative Engineers



"Nikki improved my manuscript immensely. She showed me where a different arrangement could smooth the bumpy, jostling sequence of my ideas and give them a stronger flow. Doing so, I know, is not only kinder to my readers but it increases impact as well. Where my paragraphs took intuitive leaps, she'd tell me that I'd lost her. Then I knew I had to take reader-sized steps, sequencing how I got to where I had leapt. Repeatedly, she called for examples that seasoned my conceptual sentences with experiences from the sensory, daily world. Even when I disagreed with a suggested change, I knew that I needed to make some kind of change at that point in order to connect stronger with my readers. I know that I am a better writer today than I was before I began working with Nikki." 

                      -Lee Van Ham

                       Director, Jubilee Economics Ministries

                       Author, One Earth (published Nov 2013) 

Book Editing & Book Creation Coaching

"I am impressed with Nikki's talent for profiling individuals and projects. Her unique writing style consistently inspires interest to learn more." 

                         -Lisa H. 

                          Social Scientist/Writer

"Nikki worked with me to craft an article about my personal coaching service for a local magazine. She did a great job in helping me write a piece that clearly reflected the points I wanted to make and was a superb editor all the way through. In addition to being a talented writer/editor, she is also a professional who sincerely cares about the work that she does and the clients she serves." 

                -Dr. Dianne Ruth

                Personal Growth and Prosperity Coach                  San Diego, CA

"Nikki made me extremely comfortable during our interview and her ability to put into her own words the essence of my wellness practice was just perfect. She has a gift to capture what we may not even be able to convey through words."

                            -Neusa Maria Silva

                              Ekobe Wellness Center

                              Encinitas, CA 

"We didn't know how to make our clientele get to know us, our antique store and our chocolate business. Nikki answered all our questions and wrote our sales letters with the right feeling. Thank you Nikki!"

                          -Daniel and Maggy Le Docte 

                           Grenier & Chocolat

                           New Orleans, LA 

Marketing Copywriting

"I highly recommend Nikki for any project, big or small."  

                                      -Dr. Dianne Ruth 

                                           Personal Growth and Prosperity Coach,                                              San Diego, CA


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