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 I am so enamored with how words can inspire and intrigue that I have spent my whole life studying them, using them and creating art with them. My love affair with writing started at age five when I began writing my first story, a crazy adventure about a magical world filled with interesting people going on an incredible journey. Thirty five years later, I would discover that this world is in fact our world, or rather it can be if we choose to perceive it this way and do the personal growth necessary to create it. 

In the world where I live, dreams come true. In this world, the sky is the limit. In this world, anything is possible. I didn't always believe this way. I went through the halls of traditional academia like most folks. I obtained my B.A. in Ethnic Studies (with an emphasis on Chicana literature) from the University of California and cut my chops in writing by publishing poetry in my own chapbooks and in various literary journals and progressive articles on everything from the Zapatistas in Chiapas to homelessness in L.A. In 1998 I earned a bilingual teaching credential from National University and began what I thought was going to be a long career in education (I can write in the summer! I thought at the time).

The Universe, as they say, had other plans for me. After three years in public education and many bouts with ill health, in 2001 I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Scleroderma. After a battery of tests and consultations, I finally met with my HMO-provided rheumatologist on a foggy day in San Diego. The doctor, whom I spoke with for a total of ten minutes,  recommended lupus medication and blood-thinners and said the condition was incurable. "Have a nice day." he said as he handed me some pamphlets and shut the door. 

As I sat in my car in the parking lot of the doctor's office staring at the world whizzing by around me, I was in too much shock to even cry.  What on earth was I going to do? Was I going to listen to the voice of "reason" and accept the grim diagnosis that traditional medicine was handing me?

At that moment, a little voice inside of me said, "No. There is another way and we will find out what it is!"

Have you ever had a single moment that changed the course of your life forever? Well, for me, this was it. I can still remember the powerful energy of determination that seemed to flow through me of its own accord in that instant. Looking back, I believe now that that powerful message was the voice of the Divine speaking to me. I believe it was telling me that I do have the power to control my own reality and take charge of my health. 

Thus, at the age of 31, I set out on a new journey. Suddenly, I was on fire to learn all that I could about alternative medicine, nutrition, diet and mind-body healing as well as other topics such as meditation and visualization, massage, reiki, tai chi, aikido, yoga, energy healing, herbs, Ayurvedic, native traditions, auric cleansing and channeled wisdom. As I dove into these mind/body techniques, I also began to explore topics related to human development and potential, neuroscience and the fascinating intersection of science and spirituality found in the new physics. Of course, I turned to my first love in order to explore the overwhelming amount of material that was and is out there pertaining to these topics. After all, what better way to immerse oneself in a topic than to write about it? And that was exactly what I did. Little did I know at the time that this personal passion based on an unexpected turn of events in my own life would eventually birth a brand new professional path for me as well, one that I now thoroughly enjoy and feel privileged to be a part of every day. I get to work with the most creative, forward-thinking, conscious people on the planet (yes, I'm talking about YOU) and help them spread the word about their amazing and life-changing products, services and cutting-edge ideas. Who wouldn't be completed jazzed to do that for a living? 

​Since then, I have written dozens of articles in the areas of natural health, new thought, spirituality and human development for local and regional magazines across the country. I was the editor of one of the largest conscious living free magazines in Southern California (Vision Magazine, 2008-2009),  and have helped dozens of forward-thinking individuals and companies in the industry with their marketing copywriting needs. I have also working as a book editor and book creation coach since 2008. In 2010, I obtained a MFA in Creative Writing (Non Fiction Genre) through the University of New Orleans and In 2011, I was one of four writers to be selected for the Joan B. Kroc Institute of Peace and Justice's Women Peacemakers Project, which resulted in a 135-page memoir-style document chronicling the life and work of Iraqi pharmacist and humanitarian Dr. Rashad Zaydan. In 2012, I received training in life coaching though Life Purpose Institute in San Diego and have been a practicing project and accountability coach as well since 2012. I have also recieved training in marketing copywriting through American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) and am a member of the Professional Writer's Alliance.  Currently, I split my time between Taos, New Mexico, Southern California and everywhere in between where I work with clients, write articles for publications around the world, add content to my travel website,, and type away in the early morning hours on a new consciounsness-raising young adult fantasy book series. Remember that story I started at age five? Well, this is it (see for more info).

Do I want to live in a world of unlimited possibilities where each person is expressing his or her full potential? You bet! This is the kind of life I strive for every day and I know that this is the kind of life you want for each of your customers and for yourself.  Together, we can get there - through the laser-focused power of words! 

About Nikki Lyn Pugh, MFA

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