Hello and welcome! 

My Name is Nikki Lyn Pugh and that's my mug over there on the left...

If you are visiting today it is probably because:


A.) you are looking for GREAT ONLINE OR PRINTED COPYWRITING for your new or existing product or service; or

B.) you have a manuscript that just needs a little TLC before it can transform into a book; or

C.) you are itching to put down into words your BEST IDEA YET (yes, creativity waiting to be born can give you big-time hives)....

Well, guess what? You've come to the "write" place (pun intended)! Words are what I do. Let me put it this way--If I was an artist,  words would be my medium. If I was a teacher,  words would be my instruction book. If I was a chef, words would be the multi-sensory ingredients I would mix together to create the tastiest dish....

You get the idea. Basically, I LOVE words! I also love to assist VISIONARY PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF who are in the business of serving others by helping them with their website copy, email marketing, book editing and more! 

In this content-rich, web-based world, enthusiasm and integrity shows. At As Your Word, I strive to put the energy of your unique offering into every sentence I write....

Because, after all, you are only as good As Your Word. 

I look forward to working with you! 

Nikki Lyn Pugh


As your Word

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